You may notice a snazzy new button on the side of the LMS. That is a help button. It’s an easy way to get to the new form to submit a Help ticket.

Right now, it goes directly to the form to submit a ticket for support for all LMS users. Soon we will also have a knowledge base implemented to easily search for common help issues.

The LMS Support link remains on the bottom right-hand side of the LMS pages, as it has always been. The difference now is that it goes directly to submitting a ticket.

The user is required to enter their email address, training location, subject, and a brief description of the problem. There is other information the user can provide, such as their role, the type of support needed, operating system, the browser they are having issues with, etc.

These tickets are routed directly to our support staff. As we continue to improve the system support, we will keep you notified.

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