We are happy to announce that on January 31, 2022, you will see a new edition of the Training Partner New Product Symposium course in the PTSI Online Learning System (OLS). As we continue to work with existing and new Training Partners to support our JATCs, it became necessary to update the course. We have cleaned up and updated the Training Partner pages to make it easier and more efficient to access the information you need.

The Symposium still showcases our valued Training Partners and their continued support of our JATCs, including their ongoing communication of the latest products and teach through Training Partner Tuesday Remote Learning, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to fulfill the ideals of both the IBEW and NECA.

What About the Current Course and My Certificates?

With the delivery of this new and improved Training Partner New Product Symposium course, it is necessary to archive the old course. On February 15, 2022, we will archive and remove the old course from all user accounts. If you want to save your certificates from the old course to PDF, please do so before February 15.

How Do I See the New Course?

  1. Log in to the PTSI Online Learning System (OLS).
  2. Click the My Courses tab.
  3. Select the Training Partner New Product Symposium, 2nd Ed., course.
  4. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

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