Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar! All for the support team, stand up and holler!!

Each week the support team handles tickets submitted to the LMS Help System.  Upon reviewing the trends we found it interesting what comes up as consistent and common submissions and wanted to share.

The top issues are….

  • Login Issues
  • Preparing for Leadership quiz navigation questions
  • Printable Study Guide questions
  • Students or instructors submitting errata to the Support Team

If you’ve had one of these issues, please know that you are not alone! Below, we have outlined the reported issue and what you can do to resolve it.

Login Issues

For some, logging in to the LMS may be a problem. Users may rely on their browser to save their password, they can misremember it, or it has been saved differently on various computers. Unless their email has changed since the last time they logged in, the “Forgot username or password” link will help resolve the login issue by allowing the user to reset the username or password.

Once they have clicked the link, an email will be sent. Please check communicate to your users to check spam/junk folders if they don’t see the email in their inbox. Another solution is for the user to contact their program administrator who can update the email and/or password via the TMS.



Preparing for Leadership Quiz Navigation Questions

Navigating through the lesson questions in this course is unique.  The path from question to question is scripted such that skipping forward or back is controlled to support the learning experience.  When navigating through this course and its questions, the user must be aware that all questions must be answered sequentially and skipped questions may not be returned to.

For the 411 on this and more about this course, it’s important for students to watch the video or read the Hints and Tips for Students in the Preparing for Leadership: Personal Qualities Course” shown in the Lesson 1 Reference.

Printable Study Guides

Another common submission relates to questions about why the user cannot print the Printable Study Guide. Confusion may be created when the user can access the item in one lesson, but can’t in another.  There are a few important rules that must be followed by students for them to have access to the resource.

  1. It is only a print of the first submitted attempt.
  2. All questions must have a saved answer.  Any 1st attempt quiz that is submitted without answering every question will shut off the ability to access the resource.  Further attempts at the quiz are always allowed, but no change in the ability to access the resource occurs when 1st attempts have skipped questions.
  3. Printable Study Guides are only available to 1st attempt, fully completed quizzes submitted within the last 6 months.  If the submission was over 6 months in the past it will be inaccessible.

Please click here to access a previously written blog that gives more details about Printable Study Guides.

Students or Instructors Submitting Errata to the Support Team

The support team receives the occasional errata submittal from students or instructors to the LMS Help system.  When students have issues with content, the support team communicates to the submitter to contact their instructor.  When instructors are looking to submit errata, it is best to use the errata links to be sure it is sent to the appropriate team.



As mentioned above, these are some of the more common issues that the support team receives. The team is proud to help users in their effort to access and utilize the LMS.  We just wanted to take a moment and note the most common submissions and offer some insights into how each are handled.


Thank you for reading!


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