CML – Labs and Updates

One of the key components of delivering computer-mediated learning (CML) is the ability to support more time utilizing labs and allowing the apprentice to apply the theories to real world tasks and scenarios.  As we add more support to each course for optional in-class participations, we wanted to share with you where (more…)

July 3, 2021 – System Maintenance Reminder

LMS & TMS System Maintenance Notice


The Online Learning System has a scheduled maintenance outage.

Date: July 3rd, 2021 from 9am – 9pm Eastern.

Affected Systems: The Learning Management System (LMS) and Training Management System (TMS) will be offline during this time.

Detail: This outage is to apply updates and improvements to our enterprise system.  As the system has evolved, and continues to do so, this and other proactive procedures are applied to ensure that the foundation that our system relies on remains powerful, scalable, and secure.

Extra Important Details:


PDFs not displaying all pages in Chrome browser

The Chrome browser has made a recent change affecting how PDFs are displayed.  This is true when accessing some of our linked PDFs from our site just like it is from other internet sites.

The issue is that users are unable to view the entire document when opening that document in a Chrome browser.  The user may be limited to seeing the first page of the PDF and not being able to scroll to other pages.  The entire PDF may be viewed by downloading it to the user’s local device and opening from there.  Currently, this issue is specific to Chrome browsers.  We have found a solution to the problem and are addressing the issue as we find PDF documents showing the described symptoms.  If you or your students encounter this issue of not being able to view all pages of a PDF, please submit an errata ticket from within that particular lesson and then download the PDF for viewing or view it from within a different browser.

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Review Mode Access Implemented

The following message was shared by Executive Director Todd Stafford to all programs on September 17, 2020, via Broadcast Memo.

As a reminder of this change happening, here is that message again, coming to you via the Blended Learning Blog. – Please have a wonderful weekend.

The electrical training ALLIANCE strives to meet the daily needs of our JATCs by continually improving curriculum content and delivering tools for the benefit of the apprentice. Following vNTI, we were asked by Training Directors about modifying some of the available settings in the Learning Management System (LMS). Our goal, just like yours, is and always has been to help the apprentice engage in quality learning during their apprenticeship and throughout their careers. With that in mind, last month, we sent out a survey to get feedback from you regarding two LMS settings: Activity Access Locking and Review Mode Access Locking.

  • Setting 1: Activity Access locking is the minimum proficiency level a student must achieve to complete the lesson practice or items to advance to the next lessons or items.
  • Setting 2: Review Mode Access locking is the minimum effort level required for the student to access and review lesson practice performance.
    • In Review Mode, the student can review their answers to questions, how it is scored (correct, incorrect, partially correct), and reveals what the correct answer is to each question and any provided solution notes or descriptions.

For a review of the full descriptions of these settings, please access this link. (Be sure to click on the image to view the full 2-page PDF)

The results are in. Thank you to all those who participated in the survey. We heard you, and we are taking action. The positive responses and thoughtful comments that we received regarding both features were outstanding and appreciated. It is together that we will best provide solutions to help in training within this industry.

The two settings that we were asked to survey you about require different levels of effort to enact and maintain.

  • Setting 1: Activity Access Locking will NOT be administered at this time, but at a later date following SME input per topic, Training Director input, and follow-up communications. Please note, no setting will be administered without clear communications about the timeline and any program or user impact.
  • Setting 2: Review Mode Access Locking will be available for all courses that do not currently have this setting starting on September 26th. There are a few details to share regarding how this setting will be applied.

Based on your feedback to the survey, we have determined to begin using this setting at a 60% level. This setting is not at all to state that anyone believes 60% is an acceptable value of proficiency on coursework; however, we are merely modifying what is currently set at
0% and raising the minimum level of effort on quizzes to access a quiz review to 60%. This, in turn, continues to allow you and your programs to administer local policies on performance requirements. The use of the report data continues to enable you to administer your own local response to performance requirements.

To say it another way, your JATC’s local policies and procedures should still dictate the successful coursework completion requirements as this setting does not make any changes to the construct of what you have made for your apprentice requirements.


A Handful of September 2020 LMS Notices

September is a busy month for training, for planning, for fixing, and then for rinsing and repeating among all the many things…As with many well-laid plans, sometimes a few things do not go according to them. Please read on to note an announcement about the best access to the Inside and Outside Transformer Simulators when using Microsoft Edge of Firefox; a note about an issue with our errata submission process from September 4th to 12th; and a quick announcement about the release of the Motor Control Simulator. (more…)

Widespread Internet Outage – 08/30/2020

An internet outage affected the electrical training ALLIANCE systems today, (8/30/20) as it did many other providers.  The issue was found to be with a third-party internet transit provider incident with Century Link that then cascaded to affect many other services.  This meant services like Cloudflare, Hulu, the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Feedly, Discord, and dozens of other services, like ours, reported connectivity problems Sunday morning.  Please see this post for more details.

We saw issues appear on our monitors with the LMS, TMS and the IC systems just after 6:30am EDT Sunday.  These issues were intermittent but began to stabilize fully just after 11am EDT.  A notice was posted to the login pages of all systems, as well as status on  These notices were pulled down following recovery of the programs.

We have a team continuing to monitor the situation and will post updates as needed. We know how important these services are and will continue as always to monitor and communicate regarding site access.


What’s in it for you – vNTI 2020 July 27th-31st

vNTI 2020 is fast approaching and you want to be sure to be left in.  There is much to offer to all those supporting the IBEW-NECA industry and training.  There are Committee, Technical and Instructor Professional Education training sessions available throughout the week [July 27th -July 31st].  There are just too many highlights to list them all, but here are a few for each group.  For a full list check out the event booklet here

Just a Handful of the Highlights:

The Committee Sessions:

  • State of the Apprenticeship with Executive Director Todd Stafford
  • The Apprentice Startup Challenge with ELECTRI
  • An Update with NECA and IBEW with NECA CEO David Long and IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson
  • Safety Update including OSHA and ET&D with Palmer Hickman and Wes Wheeler
  • Many Legal Sessions covering topics like Substance Abuse Policy and EEOC Guidance on  COVID-19 Testing; ERISA and Potential Relief during COVID-19; Standards & EEO Policy Changes
  • A Roundtable with Milwaukee
  • And so much more

The Technical Sessions:

  • Updates to the NEC® and associated training content
  • Clarifications and communications on worker safety and the NFPA 70E®
  • Explanations from the authors on Grounding and Bonding and Code Calculations
  • Fundamental aspects of the LMS and curriculum planning tools like the CLCS

As well as interactive sessions planned regarding:

  • Conduit Level II Labs and Calculations in support of AC Theory Trig
  • The PLR and Instrumentation Desktop Trainers
  • Transformer Simulation use for the Inside and the Outside Simulator
  • The new Motor Control Simulator on what it is and how to use it
  • The Electrical Theory Simulator for use in training on AC and DC Theory

Instructor Professional Education Sessions:

The virtual NTI professional education and experience for the I Group (or Instructor Program) have single day sessions created for Instructors.

  • Monday is First Year,
  • Tuesday is Second Year
  • Wednesday is Third Year
  • Thursday is Fourth Year and Advanced Studies
  • Thursday is also for the Pre-I Group

Participants will enjoy interactive sessions with the Lead Instructors from each year focusing on:

  • Reconnecting with professional education topics and with peers
  • Reflecting on how previous skills have been successful or not
  • Reconsidering practices from both the Professional Educators and peer attendees
  • Reinvigoration for success on the next school year – no matter the challenges.


Please note that instructors will attend for the year they last completed; if you were in First Year in 2019 (or an earlier year), you should register for First Year in the vNTI 2020.  If you are a new instructor or new to NTI, there will be a Pre-I Group session on Thursday.  The Pre-I Group will meet with several Professional Educators who will offer them a tour of what NTI offers as well as providing insights into upcoming changes in the way apprenticeship training will be conducted.

 All I Group participants will have the option to register to attend Technical sessions on the other days.

Yep…There’s More! Because you attend you will also receive…

Some time-slots for each day have multiple sessions running concurrently.  To avoid concern of picking one thing and missing out on another.  All sessions will be recorded and reposted to the days event packaged course.  This means those who register will have access to everything presented that day.

Registration is just a click away.  To register access

  • If you do not remember your log-in information, simply go the site and click Sign In located in the top right corner. After that, select the Forgot Password link and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.
  • For even more information visit our NTI website at

Can’t wait to see you at the vNTI!


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