Course Completion and Grade Management Tracking Integrated into TMS

Capturing learner course completion status and managing their course grades are now included as part of the Training Management System feature set.  This new tool allows you to manage documenting course completion in the same manner that the course enrollments were made.  This powerful tool pulls in LMS coursework progress and the online Test Assessment scores (where the online feature is being used) directly into your view for use in documenting the completion.  Since this information is already stored in the system, the process for determining completion is a snap and allows you to later pull reports and learner transcripts. (more…)

eBooks! The New Reference Option

The electrical training ALLIANCE is excited to announce that select eBooks are now available.  Students and Instructors will be able to access content on the go, wherever they are, without need of carrying the printed books.  This is just one beauty of eBooks where the content is also much more than a book in pdf form.  It offers many other great features. (more…)

TMS Course Enrollment Session Name Error

We are very sorry to note, but at this time we are having an issue with new sessions of courses created utilizing a session name previously utilized on other courses.

An example to explain: Let’s say I have an enrollment for DC Theory, Level I, 2nd Ed. called: 1A4 2018-19 that was completed early last week (or really any time in the past).  Now this week I try to create an enrollment in Conduit Fabrication, Level I, 2nd Ed. for the same or different group of students.  When I try to use the same session name of, 1A4 2018-19, the system will not allow me to place it in the cart and displays the error above.

This is not how the system is designed to work.  You should, and have always been able to use the same name across different courses.  The correct rule is that you may not use the same name for sessions of the same course.  At this time, this rule is jumping across courses.  We are aware of the issue and working to clear it.  We are very sorry that we are experiencing this bug.

A poor work-around is:

In the example above, use a name for the session that you have never used before in any course, then after submitting the course, edit the session and name it what you wanted using the cog and clicking Edit Session Name.  This is not at all a preferable solution.  It is just a work-around until we fix this bug.

There is no issue with adding users to existing sessions or creating new sessions using unique names to your training location.

I will post again as soon as we have this issue resolved.  The team is actively working on it right now. We know how important it is this system runs as it should and are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Courses Added and Courses to be Archived

Many of the new courses slated for the 2018-19 Calendar School year [identified here] and the 2018 Catalog, have been turned on in the past month.  The rest are still in process, but slated for use as described in those articles.  A future article after NTI will be posted when the details are ready for listing all recently released content.

The message here focuses on the Archiving of courses.  Some of the new courses turned on recently replace existing ones.  When this occurs, we Archive the course being replaced once it’s new-use is no longer part of the system.  On August 7th we will archive the listed courses below.  Archiving a course does not remove access for those already enrolled.  Archiving affects only new enrollments, not existing ones.  Read on to get the full explanation. (more…)

New Training Management System for LMS Enrollments Arrives

The new enrollment system used for the Learning Management System (LMS) has been, at long last, deployed.  We have been working on exciting enhancements and added functionality across the entire application to better support your management of the Blended Learning Training.  The legacy system was written in a codebase that offered the need of an update to be able to apply these new features and I’m glad to share the beginnings of them with you today. (more…)

Coming Soon! Enrollment Application Upgrade

The Enrollment Application is evolving with your needs to keep you a step ahead. It features a polished interface and enhancements designed to maximize productivity, improve predictability and fast-track new users while supporting all existing workflows...Most importantly, it was carefully crafted to make managing LMS training easier.  It’s worth restating: As we update this system, users of the legacy system will not be faced with a burdensome task of learning a whole new system.  After 7 years of use on the legacy system, we applied (more…)