Test Generator Exams – 2011 NEC and 2012 70E – related Courses

The Legacy Test Generator has been undergoing a phase-out over the last few years. The legacy system was built on Flash. Flash has had a long and prosperous life for use in delivering online resources; however, that will end on December 31, 2020. As a result, this system will no longer function beyond 2020, and access to exams for all courses will only be through the LMS Assessments tool.

We have completed migrating exams from the Legacy Test Generator to the new Online Assessments system; however, Legacy Test Generator exams for 2011 Code-related and 2012 Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices (ESRWP) courses will not be converted. To support those program still using some of those older courses, we have created multiple exam versions in PDF format that you can request. For each exam version, we have three variances with the same set of questions shuffled across the three.

The following is the list of courses for which we have PDF exams available. To request exams and answer keys for these courses, please reach out to Steve Strickland by phone at 888.652.4007 or by email at sstrickland@electricaltrainingalliance.org, and let him know if you want different exams (different questions on each) or variations of the same exam (same questions shuffled).

For more information on the decommissioning of the Legacy Test Generator, please see those posts.

Legacy Test Generator Conversions Are Complete!

The Legacy Test Generator Decommissioned as of 12/31/2020



NEW Online Bookstore – Completely Redesigned

The electrical training ALLIANCE is excited to announce the release of its new online bookstore. The bookstore features a completely new design and layout to include pictures and descriptions of all items. You will now be able to locate items you seek by using a variety of newly added filters or by using the search option to search by item number or title. We are confident that you will have a better user experience with the new layout and all of the added features.


Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end

Machines Running Windows 7

Do you own or work from a personal computer running Windows 7? If so, keep reading. As presented at the past two NTI’s and all regional seminars, the end of support for Windows 7 has come upon us.  Beginning January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide support for the Windows 7 operating system:

  • No tech support for any issues
  • No software updates
  • No security updates or fixes

Although a Windows 7 computer will still function, it will be at a much greater risk for viruses and malware. Not good. So, we do recommend that if you own or work from a Windows 7 computer that you upgrade to Windows 10 before January 14, 2020. Optionally and depending on its age, you might consider purchasing a new computer.  Can you believe when Windows 7 was released, the iPhone 2 was one of the new cool gadgets?

The landing page of the LMS will soon undergo an upgrade and while this upgrade occurs, one of the changes to note will be the devices that are considered recommended and compatible.  Windows 7 will no longer show as compatible and changes to what is deemed recommended will come soon as well due to the system continuing to become more system agnostic everyday.

For more information for Windows users out there, check out this video for a full explanation of what it means when Microsoft ends support for one of its Operating Systems and how to prepare.

Microsoft Windows 7 End of Life Support site

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

LinkedIn Learning removes Lynda.com name and how it may affect you

As you may know, LinkedIn purchased Lynda.com. This is not new or fake news..really its rather dated news… But, great things are happening there! Due to that purchase a few years ago, LinkedIn created a subsidiary called LinkedIn Learning. Up until this week they carried the Lynda.com name with them as a part of their learning platform. Change is and has been coming and it’s been pretty seamless so far. One thing you will note over the next few weeks will be the Lynda.com course titles in the LMS & TMS will be updated. Courses previously identified as Lynda.com courses will now utilize the LinkedIn Learning identifier in the title.


New Online Test Generator Active – Webinar Video Available

There were over 128 participants on the New Test Generator (TG) GoToWebinar that took place on Friday May 3rd.  The webinar discussed most of the features with a live demonstration of creating, administrating, and reviewing the test with live students.  The new TG is live for all Inside JATC Training Centers and awaiting for the Training Director to activate the system.

The recording was post-edited (47 mins) with additional comments and is now available to watch.

The programmers will be adding this video to the Orange Help block on the TG home page in the near future.

Be sure to ask questions if you have any issues.  Keep in touch!