CML – Labs and Updates

One of the key components of delivering computer-mediated learning (CML) is the ability to support more time utilizing labs and allowing the apprentice to apply the theories to real world tasks and scenarios.  As we add more support to each course for optional in-class participations, we wanted to share with you where (more…)

The Construction Drawings Textbook and Associated Course are Ready for Use

This next-generation course is designed to make print-reading skills more in line with current technologies. This new course replaces the existing Blueprint Reading for Electricians Textbook and its associated course. The electrical training ALLIANCE recommends that the online eBook reference be the primary source for students in place of the printed textbook. This online textbook is available on several platforms, including the web and Android and Apple apps. Each platform has its own requirements and compatibilities, but the web-based version is currently the most stable. The eBook enables students to have the best experience viewing large prints and detailed drawings. Although you can view large prints and detailed illustrations on a smaller device, more screen real estate is helpful in many cases. (more…)

Hey LMS Support Team, What Do You Work On Most?

Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar! All for the support team, stand up and holler!!

Each week the support team handles tickets submitted to the LMS Help System.  Upon reviewing the trends we found it interesting what comes up as consistent and common submissions and wanted to share.

The top issues are….

  • Login Issues
  • Preparing for Leadership quiz navigation questions
  • Printable Study Guide questions
  • Students or instructors submitting errata to the Support Team


Training Partner New Product Symposium Update

We are happy to announce that on January 31, 2022, you will see a new edition of the Training Partner New Product Symposium course in the PTSI Online Learning System (OLS). As we continue to work with existing and new Training Partners to support our JATCs, it became necessary to update the course. We have cleaned up and updated the Training Partner pages to make it easier and more efficient to access the information you need. (more…)

Hey…What’s That Button?

You may notice a snazzy new button on the side of the LMS. That is a help button. It’s an easy way to get to the new form to submit a Help ticket.

Right now, it goes directly to the form to submit a ticket for support for all LMS users. Soon we will also have a knowledge base implemented to easily search for common help issues.

The LMS Support link remains on the bottom right-hand side of the LMS pages, as it has always been. The difference now is that it goes directly to submitting a ticket.

The user is required to enter their email address, training location, subject, and a brief description of the problem. There is other information the user can provide, such as their role, the type of support needed, operating system, the browser they are having issues with, etc.

These tickets are routed directly to our support staff. As we continue to improve the system support, we will keep you notified.

Thanks for reading!