In adjusting to this season of unprecedented changes, your sacrifices, steadfastness and ability to “change on the fly” have been noted, appreciated and admired! We understand your struggles and would like to help.
As an extension of our Training Partner Tuesday social media effort (#TPTuesday), we would like to introduce Training Partner Tuesday Remote Learning. Our training partners have agreed to offer their expertise and are willing to teach through various webinars. These remote learning sessions will be designed as a collaborative series of webinars to be held each Tuesday, at 6PM Eastern, to augment teaching and training despite the current national circumstances.

Please note the following particulars:

  • A weekly 60-90 minute webinar taught by a training partner
  • Teaching and training will correlate and complement courses in our LMS (with the goal of courses being taught in parts of all 5 years of the program)
  • Webinars will be weekly in the evenings to allow for coast to coast participation
  • Each webinar will be recorded to allow for viewing at a later time
  • Communication will be provided announcing, in advance, the course topic (future topics will be communicated well in advance of the webinar)
  • The first webinar will be Tuesday, April 14 at 6pm Eastern and each Tuesday thereafter

The first course for Tuesday, April 14 is presented by Greenlee


Title: Advanced Conduit Bending Tips and Review
Learning Objectives:

Discuss the machines and methods used for bending larger conduit. An emphasis on safety around electric and hydraulic benders as well as the challenges of bending various types of conduit will be covered. Examples for calculating various bends using traditional methods as well as manufacturer special bending table methods will be discussed.

Speaker: Tim Kopp


Tim Kopp has been with Greenlee for 36 years. His first decade with Greenlee was spent in product engineering and design validation testing. From there he moved in to Technical Support where he was responsible for customer and employee training as well as technical product support to the thousands of Greenlee customers around the world. The last handful of years Tim has been dedicated to helping advance the education of the next generation of skilled trades professionals through Greenlee’s Green Apple Labs efforts.

Registration Information:

To register, please click here.

Webinar ID:


We are grateful to our training partners for their willingness to step in and assist. And, we are continually inspired by you and want to support you during this difficult time.

7 thoughts on “#TPTuesday Remote Learning Sessions”

  1. “Each webinar will be recorded to allow for viewing at a later time”
    To view the recordings, do we register for the webinar in the same manner as the live version?

    1. Thanks so much for the interest and the question! It is much appreciated.

      We had not yet provided that information but want to get that out now.
      Please see this article, but the short answer is that they can view the webinar in the Blended Learning System.

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